Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visit from the Askew's

We were so happy that Chuck and Traci stopped to visit us on their way home from Pittsburg. Brooke and Kyle taught Franny that Kyle's name is "Crazy" and that Brooke's name is "Boo." So now every time she sees their picture she lovingly identifies them as "Crazy" and "Boo." We had dinner, talked, watched "Night at the Museum," listened to Kyle's awesome music, and then we had banana cream pie. Then Ashley and Lauren spent the night and we all shared a communal pan of rice krispie treats and watched "27 dresses." (Bobby was staying in Jeff City that night because he had to take the medical boards the next day, otherwise I think the movie choice would have been much more "manly.") When Ashley and Lauren helped me put Sophie and Franny down that night, Franny made everyone present say a prayer. It was pretty cute. So five prayers later, the girls were tucked in bed.

And sorry for making you all squint into the sun like that. Whoops.


This is how the Fields family plays "Quarters."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008